Cashew up on rising demand


Cashew prices edged higher by Rs 5 per kg in the national capital today on fresh buying by retailers and stockists on higher demand from bulk consumers.

Further, tight stocks following fall in supplies from growing regions also supported the uptrend.

Cashew kernel No 180, No 210, No 240 and No 320 rose by Rs 5 each to settle at Rs 1,105-1,115, Rs 995-1,005, Rs 895-905 and Rs 795-805 per kg, respectively.

Marketmen said increased buying by retailers and stockists due to wedding session against restricted supplies from growing belts, mainly pushed up the cashew prices.

Following are today’s quotations (per 40 kgs):

Almond (California) Rs 16,000-16,200, Almond(Gurbandi-new) Rs 12,000-12,200, Almond (Girdhi) Rs 5,500-5,700; Abjosh Afghani Rs 5,000-22,000.

Almond Kernel (California-new) Rs 590-610 per kg, Almond Kernel (Gurbandi-new) Rs 725-825 per kg.
Chilgoza (Roasted-new) (1 kg) Rs 1,400-2,150

Cashew Kernel 1 kg (no 180) Rs 1,105-1,115 Cashew Kernel (no 210) Rs 995-1,005

Cashew Kernel (no 240) Rs 895-905

Cashew Kernel (no 320) Rs 795-805

Cashew Kernel Broken 2 pieces Rs 720-775 Cashew Kernel Broken 4 pieces Rs 710-760 Cashew Kernel Broken 8 pieces Rs 600-675 Copra (qtl) Rs 8,200-11,000

Coconut Powder (25 kgs) Rs 3,200-3,500

Dry Dates Red (qtl) Rs 2,800-12,000

Fig Rs 15,000-30,000

Kishmish Kandhari Local Rs 10,000-15,000 Kishmish Kandhari Special Rs 12,000-18,000 Kishmish Indian Yellow Rs 2,800-4,500

Kishmish Indian Green Rs 5,000-11,000

Pistachio Irani Rs 1,100-1,200

Pistachio Hairati Rs 1,210-1,325

Pistachio Peshawari Rs 1,425-1,515

Pistachio Dodi (Roasted) 720-850

Walnut Rs 290-440

Walnut Kernel (1 kg) Rs 800-1,450.


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