India’s FY 17 Pepper production likely to increase


Pepper production in India is expected to increase by about 10 percent in this financial year, according to the Spices board. Total acreage of Pepper increased to 128870 hectares as compared to 123900 hectares last year.

Domestic average price during the current year (April to June) was Rs 718.49 per kg, compared with Rs 655.22 per kg. Pepper production in 2015-16, was 48,500 tons, compared with 70,000 tons in 2014-15. Yield dropped to 376 kg per hectares from 564.97 kg per hectares.

Between April and June, 4,300 tons of Pepper was exported for Rs 268.30 crore and unit value was Rs 623 per kg. In 2015-16, total quantity of Pepper exported was 28,100 tons and value was Rs 1,730.42 crore.


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