Vietnam beats India in black pepper yield


spicemarketnews_pepper_114_640x480Tiny Vietnam is one of the best countries in the world to cultivate the king of spices, black pepper, as it is gifted with natural resources, according to Scientific Agro Technologies (SAT) Chikmagalur Chairman Sunil Tamgale.

Addressing UPASI-KPA delegates on the topic ‘Black Pepper Sustainability – A Global Perspective’, Tamgale said, “Vietnam has abundant natural resources like good soil, clean water, climatic conditions with ideal rainfall, etc.  suitable for black pepper cultivation.”

In 2014, Vietnam produced 1,25,000 tonnes from an area of 64,000 hectares, whereas India can manage to cultivate 70,000 tonnes from 1,98,000 hectares under cultivation, Tamgale said.

Tamgale, who is also Technical Director, Black Gold League (BGL), Mudigere, explains, “India has more area but less yield. Even India has all the natural resources too…but the agricultural transformation is yet to take place.”

He stressed that Vietnam, the world’s largest producer and exporter of the spice, lacks in technology for cultivating Black Pepper, but people are very hard working.


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