Turmeric gleams on demand


Spot turmeric prices increased at Erode markets on Thursday on demand. “The local hybrid turmeric price touched ₹10,000 per quintal and the Salem Hybrid was sold for ₹10,500. But very few bags of Salem Turmeric arrived for sale. More than 2,000 bags of Erode Hybrid turmeric arrived and sold. The traders have received fresh upcountry orders for the quality turmeric and so they are quoting higher prices. Of the 7,000 bags arrived for sale, 65 per cent were sold,” said RKV Ravishankar, President, Erode Turmeric Merchants Association.

The price of the finger turmeric was up ₹500 a quintal in the Erode Turmeric Merchants Association sales yard and ₹250 in the Erode Cooperative Marketing Society. Similarly, the root variety increased by ₹200 in all the markets.

At the Erode Turmeric Merchants Association sales yard, the finger turmeric traded at ₹5,699-10,360 a quintal; the root variety ₹5,499-9,355. Of the 2,362 bags arrived, 1,700 were sold.


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