MCX Cardamom likely to continue downtrend; Pepper prices steady



Auction Summary (All prices in Indian Rupee and all weights in kg)

Day Auctioneer Lots Qty Arrived (Kgs) Qty Sold


Max Price/kg Avg Price/kg
Mon Cardamom Planters’ Association, Santhanpara 293 56135 54900 776 579.87
Mon Idukki Dist.Traditional Cardamom Producer Company Ltd 291 60752 59620 901 613.57
Tue South Indian Green Cardamom Company Ltd, Kochi 387 95716 95716 937 643.07

Maximum price for the spice was quoted at Rs. 937 per kg on Tuesday.

MCX Cardamom Nov contract traded negative on selling pressure. Traders are expecting more downfall in prices in near future. Trading range for next trading session is seen between 765-730 and breaking that might trade lower in coming session.

India Futures Scenario

MCX Futures ( Nov contract, INR)
Day Open High Low Close
Mon 755.1 760.7 747.5 748.6
Tue 750.2 757 743.3 745


Spot Update Current Week

Kochi IPSTA Idukki Spot Update
Day Garbled (Rs per kg.) Ungarbled (Rs per kg) Arrivals (tons) Off-take (tons) Spot (Rs.) Arrivals


Mon 0 0 0 0 670 2
Tue 0 0 0 0 670 2

Spot Pepper prices steady at Rs 670/kg on Tuesday.

No trade executed in NMCE Pepper on Tuesday.


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