Root variety turmeric plummets with quality



Prices of root variety turmeric decreased by Rs 300 a quintal on Tuesday as the quality of arrival was poor.

“Some traders who hold orders for the root variety were disappointed as the quality, including the hybrid root variety, that arrived for sale was poor. So they quoted a lower price and purchased limited stocks. The hybrid variety’s minimum price slid to Rs 5,065 a quintal and the maximum was Rs 5,875. The other local variety root turmeric was sold for Rs 3,109 a quintal and the maximum was Rs 5,417 a quintal, some Rs 300 a quintal lower than the previous price,” said RKV Ravishankar, President, Erode Turmeric Merchants Association.

On Tuesday, 1,900 bags of turmeric arrived for sale but only 45 per cent was sold at a lower price. Only a few orders were received by the traders from North India and demand from local Masala firms also dropped sharply.

At the Erode Turmeric Merchants Association sales yard, the finger turmeric fetched Rs 3,532-6,169 a quintal, the root variety Rs 3,109-5,417 .

Salem Hybrid

The finger turmeric was sold at Rs 5,369-6,536, the root variety Rs 5,065-5,875. Of the 315 bags that arrived, 106 were sold.

At the Regulated Market Committee, finger turmeric was sold at Rs 5,369-6,239, the root variety Rs 5,131-5,893. Of the 547 bags on offer, 411 bags were picked up.

At the Erode Cooperative Marketing Society, the finger turmeric was sold at Rs 5,311 -6,269, the root variety at Rs 4,999 to Rs -5,909. All the 525 bags put up for sale were traded.

At the Gobichettipalayam Agricultural Cooperative marketing Society, the finger turmeric was sold at Rs 5,216-6,159, the root variety Rs 4,970-5,919. All the 149 bags on sale were picked up.

 – The Hindu


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