Spain: Limited supply of eggplant and pepper means an increase in prices

The second last week of February was marked by fluctuations in the prices of most horticultural products. The highest increases in price were for eggplants and peppers, while others, like zucchini, have fallen substantially in recent days.
The striped eggplant has a first cut of 2.50 Euro and ends around 2.20 Euro, while the long eggplant traded between 1.40 Euro and 1.20 Euro per kilo. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture there has been an estimated twenty percent sales volume reduction compared to last season, a fact that has caused prices to be higher than those recorded in the same period of the previous season. Meanwhile, the price of cucumbers fell last week; specially the long cucumber that was sold between 0.80 and 0.55 cents, the French cucumber that was traded between 0.60 and 0.50 cents and the short black cucumber that was listed between 0.80 and 0.56 cents per kilo.
As for the zucchini, prices remain between 0.45 and 0.30 cents a kilo. The increase of the past few days in production hasn’t allowed prices to be as high as in January. The prices of green beans has increased once again, specially the Strike Bean with an average price of 4.60 Euro, the Long Perona Bean trades between 2.20 Euro and 1.40 Euro, the Helda Bean is between 1.90 Euro and 1.40 Euro while the Em√©rite bean is at an average of 2 Euro a kilo.
Out of all the pepper varieties the one that has increased the most is the Yellow Californian Pepper with quotes ranging from 1.60 Euro to 1.40 Euro a kilo. The shortage and strong demand for this type of pepper in the production of tricolored packs has triggered the product prices
The Red California Pepper is traded between 0.90 and 1.10 Euro while the Green California has a first cut of 0.80 Euro and ends at 0.60 per kilo. The Italian green pepper quotes improved over the last week, it has a first price of 1.00 Euro and ends in 0.80 Euro sales. The green Lamuyo pepper is traded between 1.50 Euro and 0.80 Euro while the red one ranges between 1.15 Euro and 0.85 Euro a kilo. As for the price of tomatoes, these remain in the same range of the previous weeks. The pear tomato was listed between 0.37 and 0.48 Euro, vine tomatoes are between 0.39 and 0.52 Euro a kilo, and long life green tomato is at an average of 0.45 Euro a kilo.
In other news, the first transplants of melon and watermelon are already in greenhouses. These are the earliest plantations of these crops and are concentrated mainly in the west of Almeria. According to, starting this week, beehives will be taken to these crops so as to start pollination that will result in the earlier harvests of the fruit next spring.


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