Turmeric continues uptrend on firm demand


Turmeric futures continued to surge due to the pickup in demand side. Spot prices remained firm and traded near Rs 11500 per quintal and fresh arrivals in Nizamabad and Erode are reported near 8000 and 12000 bags respectively.
North Indian buyers as well as bulk dealer resumed their procurement efforts and order stated receiving from various part s of India.
Production is expected on the higher side due to increased acreage of cultivation due to good monsoon and better prices.
Production in 2011 is expected around 65-70 lakh bags compared with 45 lakh bags in the last year.

(Source: http://www.commodityonline.com/futures-trading/tradingtips/Turmeric-continues-uptrend-on-firm-demand-11711.html)


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